Weekly blog post update 1/30

Hello Blue Twilight!

Week Zero planning is underway! Each year, Team 2220 hosts a practice competition during the last weekend of build seasons for local teams to test out their robots on a competition-like field. This event requires a lot of manpower from our team, so we expect all students, mentors, and parents to volunteer. Please mark your calendars for February 17th and 18th. See the sign-up sheet here.

An email was sent out a short while ago with signups for travelling to our upcoming regionals. Make sure to read through the provided information and RSVP as soon as possible.

1/24 — Full Team Meeting

This past Tuesday, the full team met to give subteam updates and discuss various necessary items.

1/28 — Week Zero Meeting

Team members helping organize the upcoming Week Zero event met to give updates on the various aspects of planning.

Control Update

This week, after determining pneumatics would be necessary on our robot, we built a functioning pneumatic system that held pressure for a decent amount of time. We were able to determine what new components we might need to make this pneumatic system as leak-proof as possible. We also worked on creating a new universal controller board, which will now have to be redesigned due to the addition of the pneumatics system on the robot. Finally, after putting encoders on to the prototype drivetrain, we were able to program the robot to drive more reliably, which enable our autonomous programs to be more successful.

Mechanical Update

This week the mechanical sub team got a lot of work done on the first robot. They got drive train, collector, raiser, and washer completed. With only the shooter and hopper left to mount they plan on having a mechanically finished robot on Thursday.

MTR Update

Throughout the week, More Than Robots (MTR) successfully transferred our website to a new hosting domain, submitted another grant for the team, continued to plan for Week Zero, and make multiple updates to our website. MTR students learned the importance of a healthy night’s sleep to keep up with the constant demands of our busy build season! This next week, MTR students will be continuing to plan for Week Zero while making more changes to the website.

General Build Season Work Time

We will be meeting to continue robot testing and tweaking throughout the week. Official meeting times are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-9:00pm, as well as Saturdays from 1:00-5:00pm. We will also be meeting beyond these times, and specifics will be communicated as they are decided upon as well as be added to the calendar. Make sure to attend as many extra meetings as possible — this is when a lot of the work gets done and we need all the manpower we can get!

MTR Meetings

MTR will meeting to continue working on various projects. Meeting times are Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00pm, Thursdays from 6:30-9:00pm, and Saturdays from 2:00-5:00pm.

1/30 — Booster Club Meeting — Room 80 — 7:00pm

The booster club will be having its monthly meeting. All are welcome to attend to provide input.

1/31 — 3M Eagan Design Review

A small group of students and mentors will be meeting at the 3M Eagan facility to give a brief presentation on our robot design and receive input from the company’s experienced engineers.

1/31 — Full Team Meeting — Commons — 8:00pm

This Tuesday, we will be meeting as a full team to give subteam updates and cover various other items. All are encouraged to attend to participate in team discussions and decisions.

2/2 — Leads Meeting — Art Room — 8:00pm

The leads will be having an informal weekly leads meeting to give subteam updates and discuss various other topics.

2/4 — Photography Training — Graphics Lab — 2:00-3:00pm

This Saturday, MTR has set up a photography training session to teach attendees about the technical and conceptual aspects of effective photographs. While not a requirement, this session is open to the full team and it is highly encouraged that students attend if they are interested.

2/4 — Week Zero Planning Meeting

Team members will be meeting to continue general planning for the week zero event. All that would like to help plan this event are welcome to attend to provide input.

See you this week!

Captains Morgan and Josh

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