Week Three 2016

Team 2220 Blue Twilight Week 2

Now that we are in the third week of the build season, Team 2220 has been developing our robot for optimum performance in the 2016 game FIRST Stronghold. There has been continuous cooperation between MTR, Control, and Mechanical sub teams to certify that the team is firing on all cylinders.

The mechanical subteam is getting a head start by ordering the custom motors and controllers for the robot through our generous sponsors. This week, they have focused on building our FrankenDrive, our test drivetrain for the beginning build weeks. Through mentor guidance, mechanical has worked through three versions of this drivetrain to ensure a functional design. For this upcoming week, the mechanical team will be working with the parts we receive back from our sponsors to construct our first drive train as well as finalizing the FrankenDrive.

The control subteam has been developing the electronic board to then mount onto our drivetrain. A great thing about our current electronic board is that it’s modular, meaning it can removed and worked on at home which will make it easier to be improved. For this upcoming week the team is to work on organizing the code into classes and then mounting the board onto the drivetrain. In past years, our control subteam has struggled to work efficiently with the code due to the coding structure. As Arunima B. explained, to then fix this problem “[they] have created specific classes that deal with specific parts of the code to try to eliminate using so many different segments of code.” So far, this system has worked smoothly!

The MTR (More Than Robots) has been working on a new series of tweets titled #2220tips, where we give pieces of advice to both rookie and veteran teams that we have learned throughout our ten years of being a team. For this upcoming week, we are planning to update and finalize the Team 2220 and BlueDevil websites. In terms of safety, our Safety Captain has focused on getting everyone their newly personalized safety glasses that have been decorated with puffy paint, duct tape, and sharpies. 

As we work on their individual subteam goals, our whole team has been working hard to ensure that this year’s game FIRST Stronghold will be the best one yet. We also are looking forward to the Eagan Week Zero tournament which will take place on February 20, 2016.

Team 2220 Blue Twilight Week 2

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