Week Four 2016

Week four of the build season has begun, and Team 2220 has already completed many of their goals from last week. Our three subteams have been working in unison to make our build season as safe and entertaining as possible. The subteams have constantly been communicating between each other so everyone knows the status of the robot.

Our mechanical subteam has been busy working with the control subteam while expecting machined parts from sponsors. Co-lead Maggie Swanson said “we already have most of [the parts], and hopefully the rest of them will be getting here Tuesday.” This week, they created prototypes for the high goal shooter and lifting mechanism. So far, they have both been successful.

The control subteam has been making the electronic board for our robot, creating classes for our code, and using a website called GitHub so the code can be easily classified. Each class is meant for a specific area of the robot so, for example, there’s a class for driving and a separate class for the talons. Co-Lead Arunima Bhattacharya says, “we have a design ready for the electronics board that should be completed by the end of Saturday.”

The MTR subteam has been working on our Chairman’s requirements and also has been continuing their weekly series on Twitter in which they give tips for providing our insight to new and old teams. “We started the 2220 tips series to provide other teams and our community with important things we’ve learned,” says Co-Lead Morgan Davies. Along with these things, the website is in the process of being updated to include a new page dedicated specifically to safety.
For this upcoming week, the mechanical subteams hopes to have completed the first drive train. The control subteam hopes to simplify their code so it’s less complicated and it’s smoother, finish up their electronics board, and get everyone to use GitHub so they know when code was made and who it was made by.  The MTR subteam is going to be finishing up Chairman’s, making safety videos, updating social media and the blog, and updating the website.

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