Week Five 2016

Only five weeks into the build season and Team 2220 already has much accomplished.  At this point much of our robot is built and everything “feels fairly ready for regionals” which is right on par with the goals that we had for ourselves last week.

After speaking with the mechanical subteam, we learned that even though they have only some of the robot built, the parts that aren’t built are currently organized so it will all be readily available to put together in a matter of days. Maggie S., mechanical co-lead compared it to a game of Tetris stating that if “you were lining all of the blocks up beforehand, for some reason… [and] people were just looking at where all the blocks were all gonna line up” it would appear as if there was nothing was there. But then “as soon as you press fall, you don’t have to do any work, they all just fall perfectly; we lined everything up and now it’s all falling into place.” In addition to this we learned that the new implementation of a whiteboard in their workspace has made things significantly easier for the team. As stated by Maggie, “it forces us to talk to each other” and also gives an “at a glance tell [at] what we’re working on”.

Control is currently working on their electronics board—specifically a new design for it, because with the way that our robot works the electronics board wouldn’t have fit. They’ve been working hard along the mechanical subteam since then to get it to work. They came up with a new design and Alyssa R., mechanical subteam member, describes the changes needed on the electronic board as simple things such as “cut[ting] it down” in length, “cut[ting] out a couple of holes for the motors and then also for the gears” and just in general trying “to make it flat[ter]” and smaller.  They are also currently “working with [the] new encoder” and as Arunima B., control sub-team lead stated, and “it’s actually really nice”.

The subteam More Than Robots has been continuing to maintain the blog and social media for Team 2220. In addition to this we’ve updated our display case with new pictures, bright blue paper, cut

out lettering, and clean trophies to attract the eyes or more students in the halls of EHS. MTR has also been continually communicating with other teams for the upcoming Week Zero event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

For next week Blue Twilight hopes to finish building the robot and get the electronics board successfully and securely onto the robot.

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