3Mgives Volunteer Award to 2220 Mentor John Peterson

For the second year in a row, a mentor from Team 2220 Blue Twilight has been awarded the 3Mgives Volunteer Award! Congratulations to long-term mentor John Peterson on receiving this award. This award builds on Mr. Peterson’s collection of hardware as this past competition season he was awarded the Woodie Flowers Award at the 2016 Central Illinois Regional. Blue Twilight would like to thank Mr. Peterson for that he has done for our individual programs and projects as well as his unwavering support for our team. Attached below is a personal message from Mr. Peterson to Team 2220.

Congratulations Mr. Peterson, we’re so grateful to have you on our team!


Team 2220,

As Jane did last year, I was selected as one of only thirty worldwide 2016 3Mgives Volunteer Award winners.  A huge thanks to Jane for her excellent nomination letter, and to the Team 2220 mentors, Mrs. Trebesch, Mrs. Tester, Mr. Meuller and Mr. Hendricksen, who wrote testimonial letters to the judges.  We have learned it’s not enough to have a good story, we must also tell a good story and that tradition in Team 2220 continues to reward us.

As with the Woodie Flowers award, the work I did to earn this 3Mgives Volunteer award was inspired by the students of Team 2220 whose drive to learn, achieve and help others will someday make this world a much better place.  I was/am also inspired by the Team 2220 coaches and mentors whose incredible devotion to our team leaves me humbled.  We all shared in earning this award.  To quote Sir Isaac Newton: “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”.  Thanks to all you giants, students and mentors alike.


John Peterson

Mentor, FRC Team 2220

FIRST Robot Inspector

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