2016 Robot Reveal– Obsidian

Obsidian is the name and STRONGHOLD is the game! Team 2220’s robot for the 2016 season is named Obsidian after it’s laser-cut black decorative plating and it’s ability to shine under pressure.

Obsidian’s drivetrain is one specifically designed by Team 2220 for this year’s game. The four two-wheel modules shift heights to cross tough defenses while still being able to fit under the low bar. A skid plate underneath keeps electronics from getting harmed by rough terrain while lights below the frame keep Obsidian shining bright.

Obsidian’s manipulator has an intake that grabs balls and shoots them into the high goal at about 6000 rpm. A photon cannon mounted on the robot tracks the reflective tape on the goal for consistently accurate shots. There’s also a scissor-lift that reaches up and hangs on the bar during end game.

Obsidian is now bagged and ready for competition! Good luck to all competing teams; we’ll see you on the field in FIRST STRONGHOLD.


Click here to check out Obsidian’s reveal video

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