2016 – 2017 Mentors


Team 2220 could not exist as it does without our mentors. They teach our students valuable technical skills as well as important lessons about hard work and perseverance. Mentors are the guiding light to our team. They educate students, but the final decisions as well as the actual building of the robot are all done by the students themselves. Team 2220 has many fantastic mentors who help our students reach their fullest potential and together we all light up robotics!


EHS FIRST Robotics Head Coach

  • Dave Hendricksen

EHS FIRST Robotics FRC Head Coach

  • Steve Mueller

EHS FIRST Robotics FTC Head Coaches

  • Ron Davies
  • Kevin Clague

EHS FIRST Robotics FTC Purchasing Coordinator

  • Gene Gergen


Pictured (left to Right):

Back Row:

  • Todd Harpster
  • Ben Trebesch
  • Steve Siirila
  • Doug Dean
  • John Peterson
  • Steve Mueller

Middle Row:

  • Don Elsenheimer
  • Lora Trebesch
  • Rita Tester
  • Dave Raiter
  • Richard Splittstoesser
  • Jane Peterson

Front Row:

  • Naomi Killeen
  • Kari Mueller
  • Duc Doan
  • Dave Hendricksen
  • Steve Trebesch

Not Pictured:


  • Tron Howard
  • Candace Lindow-Davies
  • Tamie Ward
  • Jerry Ward
  • Eric Burright
  • Leah Cassens
  • Kaitlin Hansen
  • Tim Hendricksen
  • Kevin Lovegreen
  • Diana Mueller
  • Erik Schlicht
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • John Zuzek


  • Wayne Ebeling
  • Robert Litz

Thank you to all who donated time and effort to give Team 2220 a boost in the right direction.